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"I received physical therapy from Lilly and her staff when I sprained my ankle while running. Lilly was very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. She gave me a home exercise program that I followed daily. She progressed my exercises and got me jumping and running within weeks. My ankle now feels great."


"I came to Walnut Physical Therapy and Performance after having a meniscus surgery to my L knee. Lilly was my therapist and she was amazing. She was very informative and caring. She is easy to talk to and explains things so I can understand. The exercises she gave me kicked my butt. Physical therapy is no joke. I would highly recommend Walnut PT for your rehab."


"I highly recommend this physical therapy clinic for athletes of all ages. They are great with other patients as young as kids and as old as seniors. I had Lilly for most of my appointments and she was awesome. My injury was explained to me in great detail and she worked on treating the cause of my pain, not only my symptoms.  The exercises she does with me definitely challenged me. The ice machine at the end is the best."


"I had a knee replacement 3 months ago and it was the scariest thing I have experienced.  Lilly was very reassuring throughout my time with her. She explained my precautions thoroughly and made sure I understood them. Lilly is good at what she does. She knows the technical aspects but her other strength is her people skills.  She was able to get me back working out at the gym."

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