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I rolled my ankle...

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An ankle sprain can happen to anyone of any age. The most common type of ankle sprain is an inversion ankle sprain or when the foot rolls inward. Another type of ankle sprain is an eversion ankle sprain or when the foot rolls outward. When an ankle is sprained, the ligaments are stretched and torn. There are different severities of ankle sprains and the types include: grade 1 or mild, grade 2 or moderate, and grade 3 or severe. Ankles sprains can weaken the ankle, and recurrent ankle sprains can occur which may lead to instability, arthritis or chronic ankle pain.


Common causes of ankle sprains include:

  • Walking on uneven surfaces

  • Tripping or falling

  • Loss of balance

  • Jumping

  • Sports including basketball, running, tennis, soccer, and football


What are common symptoms of an ankle sprain?

  • Tenderness on the outer or inner side of the ankle

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Pain with activity and bearing weight and at rest

  • Feeling unstable on the ankle


Walnut Physical Therapy and Performance can help treat an ankle sprain. During the initial evaluation, the physical therapist will discuss with you the mechanism of injury and examine the ankle joint. Based on findings, the physical therapist will create a treatment plan with your goals in mind to help you return to your daily life and hobbies. Different treatments include manual therapy, balance exercises, stretching, strengthening and sport specific exercises.


-Leanne Komoda, PT, DPT

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