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  • Dr. Leanne Komoda

Exploring the Benefits of Superior Capsular Reconstruction for Shoulder Injuries

Superior Capsular Reconstruction is a type of surgery that may be used when a patient has an irreparable rotator cuff tear. An irreparable rotator cuff tear is when the rotator cuff cannot be repaired due to muscle atrophy, tendon retraction or fatty infiltration. Patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears can have loss of function, severe pain, decreased range of motion and negatively affect their quality of life.

Superior Capsular Reconstruction uses a graft that adheres to the greater tuberosity and the superior glenoid. The graft helps to decrease the subacromial contact pressure and prevent the humeral head from moving superiorly. Patient expectations after surgery should be “functional” shoulder motion and strength, and decreased pain. Following surgery, patients will be in a sling/brace. Physical therapy will help patients regain functional shoulder motion and strength, to help return to activities of daily life. Walnut Physical Therapy will provide targeted treatment post-surgery that may include range of motion, soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic exercises.


-Leanne Komoda, PT, DPT

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